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Automatic Gain Control (AGC)A circuit which automatically controls the gain of an amplifier so that the output signal level is virtually constant for varying input signal levels. Basically this is a PCB with a chip mounted that you can program to receive programming.

The AVR is inserted into the slot of the receiver where the Smart Card usually goes. Designations can range from the AVR1 to AVR6 or more.

If you read a card and receive an error message "Invalid ATR" This means your card is looped.

ATR Resurrection A program used to un-loop Smart Cards.

Arabsat This is the Arabsat Satellite Organization and its is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

It provides regional telecommunications services for the Middle East region.

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This signal downloads firmware for the receiver and tells the access card what programming to allow the user to receive. A NASA experimental satellite project to demonstrate the use of the Ka-Band (30/20 GHz) services.This chip is used to replace the standard 8515 chip used on avr’s that is used on 301 receivers to overcome some problems.Access Card The plastic card that comes with dish network & bell expressvu receivers that stores subscription information. Access cards may be ROM 2, 3, 10, 11, 101, 102, ect. - Coolsat TV - Official Retail Store, Coolsat Dongle, Coolsat 8100, Coolsat 6100, Coolsat 7100, Coolsat 7000, Coolsat 8000 hd, wholesale distributor, Coolsat 6000 offerd to the publi...A...8515This an abbreviated term referring to the Atmel AT90S8515 chip used in AVR’s8515AThis is an abbreviated term referring to the Atmel AT90S8515-8PI or the Atmel AT90S8515A-8PC chip.

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